Defend the Treasure!

Your ship has crashed on Pirate Cove and the captain and crew have jumped. It's up to you to protect Her Majesty's treasure trove from the onslaught of greedy pirates determined to steal it all. Grab a crossbow and some TNT barrels to fight them off in this action defense game for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Defend the Treasure! Save yer Booty Game

Each wave of pirates increases in difficulty as more and more of the swarthy dogs advance on your treasure pile. Some are fast and weak. Some are slow and strong. Some are fast and strong and hard to hit. You can slow them down with barricades, but they'll smash through eventually. Swipe dropped coins to pay for upgrades and ammo, and plan your spending carefully, or you'll be left guarding an empty ship.

Upgrade Your Weapons!

Upgrade Your Weapons! Save yer Booty Game Save Yer Booty features a full arsenal of mob-crushing goodness. Use your gold to buy upgrades so they do more damage and shoot more rounds. And unlock bigger more powerful weapons as you progress through the rounds.