Waves of Pirate Minions

Pirate Weak and numerous. What the basic pirate lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in stupidity. Only takes a few shots with the basic crossbow to knock them out, but there's plenty more where that came from.

Another Pirate
Another Pirate Just like his weaker brother, there's plenty of these to go around. A little faster? Yes. A little tougher? Sure. But still not going to win any spelling bees or beauty pageants anytime soon.

Mangy Parrot
ParrotThese thieving little birds will fly right over your barricades and try to make off with your treasure. Take steady aim, because they're always following an uneven path.

Bomb Bird
Bomb BirdThese parrots are just as quick and irritating as their fellow avians, but instead of stealing your treasure, those crafty pirates have trained them to drop bombs on your barricades, or even worse? Your treasure. Knock them out quickly or you'll be picking up little pieces of golden debris.

scurvy Joe
Scurvy JoeThis one's not quite right. He's been before the mast for so long he's gone a bit loopy.

Cabin Boy
Cabin BoyThe captain's personal valet. He's small, quick, and durable. If he hides behind a Brute? He'll easily dart off with your treasure.

Watch out for the Bosses!

Pirate Brute
Pirate BruteThis is one big pirate. Not only is he nearly impossible to take down, but his height shields his fellow scurvy scuppers from harm. Oh, and he steals three times as much as anyone else. Good thing he's slow, because you'll need to direct a lot of firepower his way.

The Captain
Pirate Captain If you want a treasure stolen properly, sometimes you just have to steal it yourself. Don't let The Captain near your ship. He's big, tough, and will take it all. Literally.

Save the Monkey!

Treasure Monkey! Alone against an army of viscious pirates? Not quite. Good thing that annoying pirate monkey doesn't understand the gameplan. He's bringing treasure to you! Just don't hit him by mistake, or your free goodies will be gone.